Top 10 social video efforts from luxury marketers in 2012

Prada's "A Therapy"

Social media creates a canvas for luxury brands to express their creativity in the form of humor, color, texture, aspiration and fantasy. In light of this revelation, 2012 was the year when social videos exploded.

Many marketers — whether automakers, watchmakers or apparel brands — are harnessing the social and sharing power of social media to create short films or brief commercials to push the brand lifestyle or products. Brands made consumers desire, laugh and long to be part of the brand image using the power of video.

Below are the top 10 social videos from luxury marketers in 2012, in alphabetical order:

BMW’s “Bullet” – BMW Canada released a video this year called “Bullet” meant to display the features and performance aspect of its BMW M5 sedan.

The video shows the M5 in slow motion going through numerous obstacles, such as driving through a glass wall, setting off water balloons and driving through the bottom of a giant glass apple.

BMW "Bullet" video

Bullet is mean to portray the M5 as one of the fastest cars on the market, able to outrun water from falling balloons and glass shards. BMW juxtaposes a classical soundtrack  when the car is in slow motion with sounds of the engine revving  as the car speeds through a desert unaccompanied by music.

The video helps consumers not only see BMW’s key features – speed and agility – but the model as a work of art.

Dolce & Gabbana’s “Pour Femme and Pour Homme” – The steamy video that dropped this summer starts with a woman daydreaming at a wedding. A glimpse of a former lover prompts her to remember a previous encounter involving around the Italian countryside.

Dolce & Gabbana "Pour Femme/Pour Homme"

The black-and-white video goes back and forth from the woman’s memory and scenes of true love from the wedding. Finally, the model slips away to an alleyway where the man drives up in the same car, and she wonders whether or not she should go away with him again.

The fragrance bottles, for men and for women, show up at the end with a voiceover. This may seem a bit late for some critics, but this is true to Dolce & Gabbana form.

The video paints the fragrance lifestyle as sexy, romantic and thrilling. Given the age of the actors the spot is likely geared toward consumers a little bit older, but the video has an aspirational feeling with its themes of love, lust and adventure.

Gucci’s “500 by Gucci: Reverse to Perfection” – The video meant to feature Gucci’s new Fiat 500 vehicle also shines a light on other products.

The video features a young woman, clad head-to-toe in Gucci apparel and accessories, as she walks through the street, much to her dismay.

The woman has ice cream spilled on her shoe, she steps in gum and gets lost in a downpour. She gets to her car and figures that she might as well stay in there for a while.

Gucci video

The video does a nice job of meshing products and humor, giving the idea that Gucci products are rare and not meant to be taken lightly.

The video was originally shot for Vogue Italia, which means that it likely got a lot of attention and visibility in the fashion label’s home market. Furthermore, the brand touted the video on its social media pages for worldwide attention.

Jimmy Choo’s “Stepping Out” – In collaboration with Mr Porter, Jimmy Choo launched a new video for its men’s line called Stepping Out.

The camera follows multiple pairs of men’s shoes at work, walking down the street and relaxing at a bar at the end of the day.

The shoes reflect certain personalities but also reference timeless style. This way, viewers will be attracted to shoes either from the seen style or from the activities in which they participate.

The name of each shoe style is shown so that consumers can easily go back and buy them at a later time.

Jimmy Choo and Mr Porter both benefit because Mr Porter gets the cache associated with the Jimmy Choo brand, while the label gets more awareness from the popular men’s retailer.

Mercedes-Benz’s “Many Rogers” – To celebrate the new sports utility vehicle, GL, Mercedes launched its new commercial targeting those having to tote around their families.

Mercedes tapped pro tennis player and brand ambassador Roger Federer to portray his typical day-in-the-life experiences. These events include those typical of a celebrity including attending an awards show and playing in a match, but also being a dad and driving around his two daughters.

"Many Rogers" by Mercedes-Benz

This type of reveal shows not only aspirational aspects, but relatable experiences that could entice potential buyers to purchase the new Mercedes SUV.

The commercial also emphasized safety features to appeal to parents whiel also mentioning kid-friendly aspects to stave off whining back-seat passengers.

The social video included other opportunities to get in touch with the brand including YouTube, Twitter and the Mercedes USA website.

Michael Kors’ “The Man Repeller Raides Madison Ave”To debut its new store on Madison Avenue, Michael Kors set the Man Repeller a.k.a. Leandra Medine loose in the new space to set up the store.

Ms. Medine dresses mannequins, lays out sunglasses and organizes leather goods. The video gives a comprehensive look of the store in general, as well as the inventory that is there.

Michael Kors' video with Man Repeller

She invites consumers to come down to the store at the end of the video, where the mentions that this is the store with the most Michael Kors clothes “ever.”

Michael Kors likely used the popular Ms. Levine as a way to draw attention  to the new store in a way that would attract consumers, since the blogger likely plugged the video on her own well-trafficked social media channels.

The store not only shows off the new store and products, but positioned Michael Kors as a hip, popular brand shopped by one of the most famous fashion bloggers.

Prada’s “A Therapy” – Prada’s video attempts to portray the brand as products that transcend gender or age, especially where furry purple coats are involved.

The video stars Ben Kingsley as a therapist and Helena Bonham Carter as his distressed, dramatic patient. During a session, she begins to describe a dream she had and analyses it herself.

However, Mr. Kingsley is distracted by her coat hanging on the door. To a soundtrack that sounds as if he is meeting his long-lost child, the therapist tries on the coat and stares at himself admirably in the mirror.

Ben Kingsley in "A Therapy"

A Therapy portrays not only therapy sessions, but shopping and Prada itself as the ultimate cure. The video is clever, silly and drives home the point that every person aspires to have Prada – no matter the product, no matter the gender.

Ralph Lauren’s “RL Gang: “Meet the Class of 2012” – Continuing the fashion label’s videos for its children’s collection, Ralph Lauren continued the tradition for the “class of 2012.”

The RL Gang consists of young children clad in the Ralph Lauren children’s collection as they go about their daily activities and hobbies.

The video works for both children and parents since kids can relate to interests from kids in the video – such as sports, animals and exploring – and parents can see the new line.

Ralph Lauren's RL Gang

The end of the video invites consumers to look at the new line on the Ralph Lauren site.

In fact, kids may even relate to the video children in a “celebrity” sense and want that child’s clothes because they share the same interests.

Rebecca Minkoff’s “New York Fashion Week Boot Camp” – Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with The Man Repeller and model Hilary Rhoda to “train” social media fans on how to toughen up for New York Fashion Week.

To the soundtrack of “Eye of the Tiger,” the three ladies train for fashion week with exercises including speed Tweeting, posing and walking.

Fashion Week boot camp

The video did not feature many Rebecca Minkoff products, but the video’s main focus was likely to build hype for the Rebecca Minkoff show during New York Fashion Week.

Indeed, the brand could have helped Rebecca Minkoff’s phenomenal Fashion Week performance. Just Sept. 9-4, the label gained 1,500 Facebook gans, 13,000 Instagram users, 33,000 Twitter followers and 21,000 Google+ fans.

Tumi’s “Case Studies” series – The Tumi Case studies is a video effort focused on bringing attention to the Tumi designs while also serving as a mentor in packing.

The videos feature people who spend much of their time traveling, such as musicians and businessmen, who narrate their tips and tricks while they are packing.

At the end of the video, Tumi gives a small overview of some of the tips, along with the bag or suitcase that was used by the individual. If viewers have the same lifestyle or admire the person in the video, they could be prompted to buy the bag.

Tumi played off of this theme for its holiday video, which watched Santa Claus as he packed his bags to go out on Christmas. The video included tips for people who were not Santa, including making a list before you pack and pack gifts inside one another to make more room.

Santa's suitcase in Tumi's case studies

The series creates an effective and useful way for consumers to use Tumi products, and the tips will likely bring consumers back to the videos multiple times.

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